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Spill Control and Containment 334 to 346

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Why Use Meltblown Polypropylene Sorbents Instead of Granules?
More and more industries are using meltblown polypropylene sorbents for the control and clean up of oils, industrial liquids and
chemicals in their workplace.

Polypropylene Sorbents
  • ABSORBS 10-20 TIMES ITS WEIGHT compared to granules that only absorb 1-2 times their weight - so you use less material - saves money for the overall lowest cost of ownership
  • ABSORBS QUICKLY - seconds vs. minutes so spills are cleaned up fast
  • SIMPLE - easy to use and dispose of - saving time and money
  • LESS PRODUCT USED = LOWER DISPOSAL COSTS - environmentallyresponsible product incinerates and is an excellent source of energy, clay granules cannot be incinerated
  • MACHINE FRIENDLY - neater and does not get into industrial machinery
  • SAFE - no potential health risk of inhaled dust particles

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