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Fleet Cold Shower


Portable cold water showers for sale, made in U.S.A, are a perfect fit for any work site, especially those tough jobs in the construction, agriculture or mining industry.  Financing is available.  Sold by All Safety Products, small business certified, veteran owned. Our high-quality portable showers, made in USA, have many applications, including:
  • Outdoor Recreation – parks, campgrounds, marinas
  • Events – weddings, graduation parties, sporting events
  • Agriculture – provides personal hygiene and a place to remove harmful crop duster chemicals
  • Fire-fighters – with the prevalence of wildfires and the toll on those fighting them, a cold water shower would be welcome for removing carbon dust and cooling personnel
  • Natural Disasters – In addition to the forest fires, a cold water shower would be a welcome relief for victims, first responders, firefighters and other personnel responding to disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and floods.
Check out our Waterworks Fresh Water Delivery System.

The Fresh Start Shower is an affordable answer for customers looking for single-unit showers. Built within the empty cabana of a standard size portable restroom, the Fresh Start Shower offers the conveniences of a home shower experience in a fully portable package.



Three (3) Types of Portable Shower Models
Number Type Part Number Water Supply Comments
1 Cold Only Portable Shower SH1-1005 Single Cold Water Line Garden Hose Connection
2 Cold or Hot Water Portable Shower Freshstart-cold-hot-gray Two Separate Cold and Hot Water Lines to use as a hot portable shower.  Single Water Line is needed to use as Cold Water Only Portable Shower. Garden Hose Connections.  If you only have a single cold water line and need a heated portable shower, see Number 3 Heated Shower Type.
3 Heated / Hot Water Portable Shower Freshstart-heated-gray Single Cold Water Line Garden Hose Connection.  Uses a built-in heater that requires and connects to a propane gas tank (20 lb. recommended) using a single cold water line.

There are three types of portable showers you can purchase from us:  (1) Cold Only Portable Shower model, PolyJohn Fleet Portable Shower (Cold Only) - Part Number SH1-1005 which operates from a cold water source (garden hose connection); (2) Cold or Hot Portable Shower, model Freshstart Portable Shower (Cold or Hot) - Part Number Freshstart-cold-hot-gray which can work as a heated shower provided you have two separate (hot and cold) water lines (garden hose connectors).  If you have a single cold water source (garden hose) and you want a heated portable shower, then you will need our third portable shower; (3) Heated / Hot Water Portable Shower model, Fresh Start Heated Portable Shower, Part Number Freshstart-heated-gray which uses a heater that connects up to a propane gas tank (20 lb. recommended) with a cold water source (garden hose connector).

All Safety Products also carries the PolyJohn Fleet™ shower which requires a pressurized, fresh water source and a connection to a grey water sewage disposal system.
Shipping Notes:  We will need to quote freight charges separately to obtain the lowest rates.  Freight Carrier Ground Shipping Only, no expedited shipping.  We will call/email with estimated freight charges before processing order.
Additional Info for Trailers:  Single Cold (SH1-1000) Showers can be transported and used on the single Fleet trailer (TU01-1001) since the drain stub goes out the back. 
For Planning:  For your planning purposes, these units are assembled to order and require approximately a 14 day lead time.

Colors: Available for Cold Water and Hot Water Fresh Start Portable Shower are Gray (Default), Tan and Blue.  Other colors may be available for larger volume orders (50 or more units).  Other colors are available for the PolyJohn Cold Fleet Shower.  Please call to inquire.

Warranty:  Portable cold or heated / hot showers have a one year 100% manufacturer's warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the product.

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