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Portable Hand Wash Sink Replacement Parts


Occasionally Poly John Portable handwash sinks require some servicing and possible replacement parts such as :
  • Rivet / Lock / Latch / Strainer / O ring / Elbow
  • Connector / Hose Clamp / Plug / Spigot
  • Baby Foot Pump Kit
  • Other Replacement Parts as Listed Below.
NOTE: You can now order replacement parts directly through the manufacturer* - Call 1-800-292-1305.  For Polyjohn sinks, each of the manufacturer's sink models have a parts list available.  For your convenience, the following table provides links to the various sink models parts lists. 
BRA1-1000 Parts (Discontinued) BRA1-2000 Parts (Discontinued) BRA2-2000 Parts PS02-1000 Parts (Discontinued) PS2-1000 Parts (New, Replaces PS02-1000) PSW1-1000 Parts (Discontinued) PSW1-2000 Parts (Discontinued)
PSW1-2100 Parts (Discontinued, Replaced by PSW3-2000G) PSW2-1000 Parts (Discontinued, Replaced by PSW3-1000) PSW3-1000 Parts
(New,Replaces PSW1-1000)
PSW3-2000G Parts
(New,Replaces PSW1-2100
SK3-1000/SK3-2000 Parts SK3-3000 Parts PS14-1000 Parts

*NOTE: Or if you want to send us a quote request, you can also use our fillable quote Form.  Click here to use our fillable quote form Please e-mail request to us (information provided in form link) and we'll provide you a quote with estimated freight and lead times included. 

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