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NSF Certified Portable Stainless Steel Sinks

NSF certified portable stainless steel sinks* made in U.S.A., sold by All Safety Products, veteran owned business, are self-contained and mobile in design. Financing available. Most of these NSF certified portable sinks* are heated as well and offer other customizable options such as different colors, adjustable heaters, electric foot switch option for a hands free experience and goose neck faucets.  These portable stainless steel sinks require no additional plumbing. You only need to add water! These quality, American-made, NSF certified portable stainless steel sinks have quality components used throughout the units such as hinged fronts, heavy duty casters and food grade counter tops.

NSF Certification Mark

*NSF Certification documentation for all the NSF sinks we sell is on record and is available upon request from All Safety Products, Inc. Please call 1-877-208-3109 and request documentation from Customer Service.



Made In U.S.A.

Portable sinks are great to multiple indoor and outdoor environments, such as festivals, outdoor barbeques, school events, public events, and trade shows to name a few.  Hot and cold running water, wherever and whenever you need it. Portable sinks are self-contained and mobile, and they come with their own water supply – either through a refillable tank or via hook-up to a standard faucet. NSF certified portable stainless steel sinks are often a perfect fit for situations that require a temporary solution, for shared usage, or for locations where built-in plumbing just isn't an option.  Many of our customers like these sinks so much they have used them for long term.

The Food-graded counter tops included in these NSF certified portable stainless steel sinks also meet FDA health requirements, which is important when working with food items.

Whether used as a hand wash sink or as a portable sink in a food environment, you can be assured that these are quality made NSF certified portable sinks, designed to last for many years. All Safety Products, Inc. is proud to offer these quality, American-made, portable stainless steel sinks.

**PLEASE NOTE: Government pricing is available for portable stainless steel sinks and hand wash sinks. Municipalities, county agencies, schools, hospitals, non-profit agencies, and distributors/resellers may also be eligible for discount pricing. Please use our automated online quote system to get a prompt quote.  **Certain state taxes may apply in some instances.

All of these portable sinks carry a one year 100% manufacturer's warranty for any manufacturer defects in the workmanship of the product.

All Safety Products, Inc. recently setup a Portable Restrooms and Portable Sinks Planning Calculator tool that should help you in planning the right number of restrooms and handwash sinks at your next large outdoor event.  Please click on the calculator image to utilize this tool. All Safety Products Restroom and Sink Calculator


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