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Category File (2021 Catalog) for Flammable Storage in downloadable .PDF (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, Click on Link Below) 
Head and Face Protection_3 to_37

NOTE: Here is a link to a downloadable Order/RFQ form to fax or e-mail, ASP Mail / Fax Order / RFQ Form (fillable, PDF Format, opens in new window for your convenience)

Individual Category Files (2021 Catalog) by Section for smaller downloadable .PDF.  (Click on Link(s) Below)
Eyewear_3_to_15 Faceshields_and_Headgear_21_to_24 Welding_Accessories_30
Goggles_16_to_18 Welding_Helmets_Accessories_25_to_27 Hard_Hats_Caps_31_to_36
Lens_Cleaning_19 Welding_Filter_Plates_Cover_Plates_lenses_28 Cooling_Products_Sweatbands__37
Eyewear_Accessories_20 Welding_Googles_Welding_Screens_29  

Things to Consider When Choosing Safety Eyewear
When it comes to safety eyewear, the right fit is essential for comfort, performance and most importantly, protection. If your safety glasses do not fit securely or there are large gaps in coverage, you risk a serious eye injury. Workers will be more likely to wear their safety eyewear if it fits them comfortably.
• Multiple frame sizes allow for the best fit
• Soft, flexible fingers or adjustable nose pads conform to fit almost any nasal profile
• An adjustable temple length feature or bendable wire core temple help provide a secure fit and more behind the ear comfort
• Ratcheting temples adjust the lens inclination to fit any cheek profile

Clear Lens
• 90% of light is transmitted - remainder of light is blocked by coating on the lens
• Provides excellent optics for general applications
• Most popular lens
• Allows the majority of light to pass through the lens while not distorting the visible color spectrum
• General purpose providing maximum impact protection and maximum visibility

Gray Lens
• 13% of light transmitted
• Reduces the amount of light that passes through the lens
• Commonly used in construction or outdoors where sunlight and glare cause eyestrain and fatigue

Indoor/Outdoor Clear Mirror Lens
• 36% of light is transmitted - allows more light through than other tinted lenses
• Clear lens with a mirrored coating on the outside

Amber Lens
• 80% of light transmitted
• Excellent for maximum contrast enhancement, particularly in low light situations
• The amber lens color blocks virtually all blue light to reduce haze and glare making all blue look black or gray
• The disadvantage is that when you eliminate blue light, you distort color recognition

Mirror - Silver, Blue Lens
• 9% to 13% of light is transmitted
• Gray lens with miirrored coating on the outside
• Commonly used in construction or outdoors where sunlight and glare cause eyestrain and fatigue
• The "mirror" coating reflects light reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens

Polarized Lens
• 13% of light transmitted
• Reduction of reflected light (glare)
• Improves optical clarity and enhances contrast and depth perception
• Minimizes eye fatigue

Filter Shade Lens
• Protects against ultraviolet and infrared radiation that is generated when working with molten metal and in welding, cutting, soldering and brazing operations
• Marked with a number on the lens indicating the shade number
• Gray Infrared (IR) filters for true color recognition
• Gray Filter 3.0 lens: 12% of transmitted light
• Gray Filter 5.0 lens: 2% of transmitted light
• Green Filter 2.0 lens: 30% of transmitted light
• Green Filter 3.0 lens: 12% of transmitted light
• Green Filter 5.0 lens: 2% of transmitted light

Welding Filter Shade Section
Operation* Recommended Filter Shade
Torch Soldering 2
Torch Brazing, Soldering 3
Light Cutting up to 1" 3
Medium Cutting 1" to 6" 5
Heavy Cutting more than 6" 5
Gas Welding, light, up to 1/8" 5
Gas Welding, medium, 1/8" to 1/2" 5

*Indicates thickness of material to be cut


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