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Ugandan Lambs Association USA (ULAUSA)Ugandan Lambs Association USA


Ugandan Lambs Association USA (ULAUSA)  is a non-profit, non-denominational organization that cares for orphaned and HIV/AIDS children in Central Uganda. Through our sponsorship program we are able to provide these children with a safe and nurturing environment, facilitate and monitor their education, and promote their health and well-being, which gives the children a foundation on which to build a successful life and become leaders in their community.

Ugandan Lambs Association with Founder Sam and Ruth Sebabi


The goal of Ugandan Lambs Association USA is to provide a sponsor for each and every child that comes into our program.  The simple knowledge of knowing that someone cares about their well being gives these children hope, which in turn leads them to develop positive self-esteem and clarify their values.  By helping to restore this fundamental condition the ULAUSA sponsors can, through their donations, become and integral part of helping these children break the cycle of poverty and dependence in order to  become self-reliant, lead meaningful lives, and help restore their communities.  It is the sponsor’s investment into these children’s lives which ensures their future and cultivates long-term change in the communities of Uganda.  Additional donations are also needed for the General Fund.  These funds are used for essential projects requiring immediate capital, such as the repair of the Ugandan Lambs orphanage homes, as well as the purchase of a bus which is required for transporting the children to and from the schools each term.


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Ugandan Lambs Association USA

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