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We have updated this section and now have this listed as a separate page at the following link, All Safety Products Privacy Policy and PCI Compliance


**IMPORTANT: Please verify that you choose the correct shipping method. All shipping methods are labeled with their restrictions. We are no longer able to notify customers to this before processing order due to our automated system and reserve the right to apply normal shipping charges automatically in case of website error and assign Ground Shipping as a default. We do our best to keep shipping costs down for foreign and U.S. customers to make products affordable.

Freight Costs - All Safety Products, Inc. will contact you first before adjusting shipping charges. We will contact you in the case that our original estimate was too low.  If above our original estimate amount, ASP will contact you for permission to adjust charges. If unable to contact you within 1 business day for Express, 2 business days for Ground or 3 business days for Overseas Military Orders, All Safety Products may need to cancel order. We do review all shipping charges, even after the order has been processed and will issue checks/credit card refunds for excessive charges.

Special Shipping/Delivery Note:  Due to the large size and supplier custom assembly of our ADA and Wheelchair restrooms (PolyJohn We’ll Care and Comfort XL models and Polyportables Freedom and Liberty models) customer will be required to provide forklift or dock support to delivering trucking company for offload of unit.  If shipment is refused for this reason or driver is unable to offload unit, customer will be liable for shipping expenses both directions. Due to the assemble to order process for our portable restrooms, portable showers, portable sinks and custom configured portable sinks, customer will also be liable for any return shipping charges plus any stocking / return fees that may be assessed for items."

FOR ALL SHIPMENTS DESTINED FOR OUT OF COUNTRY EXPORT, the following terms apply: (1) All Safety Products, Inc. presently only ships products Ex-Works (INCO Terms) to your designated U.S. Freight Forwarder within 48 contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii not included. You are responsible to pay for the freight from your U.S. freight forwarder to your final destination.); 2) All Safety Products, Inc. requires a wire transfer to our bank account prior to shipping products. All Safety Products, Inc. will provide a bank officer’s name and account information to facilitate wire transfer of funds for exact amount in USD; (3) All Safety Products, Inc. will provide required documents with shipment to facilitate customs and international shipping. (4) All Safety Products, Inc. prices will have shipping charges quoted as a separate price unless you request a different pricing structure.

Warranty – All goods sold by All Safety Products, Inc. that are defective by reason of material workmanship within 90 days (some items are 30 days) after shipment will be exchanged or in the case of a restroom/shower/sink that has a broken part damaged during shipment that can be repaired by customer, a part will be shipped to the customer at our cost. A Return Goods Authorization number must be obtained first from All Safety Products before returning products.  The manufacturer’s warranties apply to the items we sell.  If warranty is not stated, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide the specific manufacturer’s warranty information for the products you’re interested in purchasing. 

Delivery, Damage and Returns/Exchanges/Refunds – The buyer is urged to check each incoming shipment carefully before acknowledging receipt from the carrier. Claims for shortages or wrong parts on orders will not be considered unless presented to All Safety Products within 30 days of receipt by buyer. All goods returned within 30 days to All Safety Products in original or resalable condition are entitled to a refund minus the original shipping costs. There may be a restocking/repackaging fee of 15% up to 25% required on certain returned items. We will discuss this with you before deducting this from your refund/credit. Please request an RGA number from All Safety Products, Inc. before returning products. For lost shipments, buyer needs to notify All Safety Products within 30 after expected delivery date passes.  We allow two (2) weeks only after expected delivery date for Ocean or Air Freight lost shipment notification.  All Safety Products notifies customers of tracking number via supplied internet / original order contact information.  Customer assumes liability for tracking products.  If contact information initially supplied from customer is incorrect (wrong E-mail address, phone number, etc.), All Safety Products, Inc. does not assume liability for lost shipment if unable to contact customer in a timely manner.  For refunds, we normally refund money in a check / credit card refund within 5 to 7 days after return of item.  In some cases, we may refund money without requiring the return of the item.

Special Shipping/Delivery Note:  Due to the large size and supplier custom assembly of our ADA and Wheelchairs restrooms (EAU, Senator, Super Senator, We'll Care, And Comfort XL models) customer will be required to provide forklift or dock support to delivering trucking company for offload of unit.  If shipment is refused for this reason, customer will be liable for shipping expenses both directions.

Volume Discounts/Company Accounts – (1) For Volume Discounts/Industrial Pricing, we will first need to know the type of volume you purchase on a monthly basis. We have a convenient worksheet on our home page. (2) To apply for a company account to pay from purchase order with a company check and 30 Day Net Terms, we will need a completed Company/Credit Application. Please fax us at 562-630-3800. We can either send you the forms to complete or you can download them from our web site home page,

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Click here for our interactive credit application form, Business Credit/Company Account Application.  The interactive form control buttons included on the form allows you to print the form and fax to us, save it as an order form and template for future orders, or e-mail it to us.

At All Safety Products, Inc., we are trying to make it easy as possible for you to do business with us and we are now offering many innovative cost savings programs for our loyal customers.

Purchasing safety products is an easy task on our website at We offer competitive pricing on a large assortment of safety products, saving you usually from 15% to 30% on OSHA-compliant products over most web listed prices.  If you would like us to do better on pricing, please fill out our quote form, Quote / Order Form (.PDF) and we'll work on getting you better pricing. The interactive form control buttons included on the form allows you to print the form and fax to us, save it as an order form and template for future orders, or e-mail it to us.

U.S.A. Ordering and Account Information

Government (Military, Federal, State, County, City) Purchases and Purchase Orders: We do not require a minimum order amount and extend 30 day terms automatically. This also applies to most public institutions such as colleges, hospitals, etc. We also accept IMPACT credit cards for government agencies.  Government is excluded from filling out a credit form.  We accept purchase orders directly from Governmental agencies.

Company Accounts: If you're interested in a company account with 30 day net terms, please fill out a credit application.  The link is provided above. During peak times, we may need two (2) business days to review your application. There is a $500 minimum order amount requirement to open an account with us. Also for your first order, we may require payment up front. For normal orders that fall under $200, you will need to pay with either a check before shipment or with a Mastercard, Visa, American Express (Discover not accepted).

For Company Purchase Orders, you can order online! When you get to checkout on our website order form after you pick the items you want, select the purchase order method and enter your purchase order number. If you don't have one, use "to be assigned" and we'll know to contact you to get the right purchase order number before we ship. For new customers, you still need to fill out the Business Credit/Company Account Application listed above before we will ship. Please see requirements above. Only Military and Government (City, County, State, Federal) are excluded from the requirement to fill out a credit application.”

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If you have any questions or concerns about any terms and conditions issues, please contact us at or use our contact form.

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